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Our first collab was with the superb Ampersand Brew Co in Diss, just a short train ride from Norwich.

Alex and Dave went up to brew with Andy and his team, and wow – what a site they have. What a brewery.

Andy is an absolute master craftsman and his team are all absolutely brilliant*

*We’re not just saying this because we were given our first beer at 10am…

The artwork will be drop soon, stay tuned for another post on that, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

This multigrain lager should be nutty, slightly sweet, and intensely pintable. And yes, you can see Rye. It will have Rye. This is a good thing… ?️?️?️

We love a lager and it makes so much sense for the first or our 8 launch collabs to be a lager.

Available at the brewery from launch, plus at your favourite independent beer business some time soon!


The Rabble x