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COLLAB ANNOUNCE! Number 6 of 8.

?Berkshire is Blessed. Everyone knows how many amazing breweries the county has. We hope to be counted amongst them one day. Siren. Double Barrelled. Elusive. It’s a big big list.

But not enough of you know about Stardust. Yet.

Ben, Owner of Stardust has been an amazing supporter of Hoppy from day 1. He’s offered countless hours of free advice, delivered with half an hour’s notice, and helped “Bengineer” our cask dispense solutions on the back of an envelope nearly 5 years ago now.

⭐️Stardust also make brilliant beer. His English Bitter is a better beer than any family cask brewer you can name. EB over Timmy every day. Don’t believe me? It’s an ever present in both Hoppy bars. Go try a pint.

More recently and especially since buying the old Newtown Park brewhouse, Stardust have also really started smashing out more modern beer styles. Their Nelson Solo would challenge anything from Verdant. We don’t say this lightly. It’s just true.

One of our collabs had to be with Stardust.

And the brewery to brewery connection goes deeper, because Hoppy full time employee number 3, Yvan, has since gone on to brew at Stardust.

⚫️This brew was all about old friends brewing something WE wanted to drink the lot of. We’ve done New Englands, we’ve done sours. This time we’re doing a dry stout. We’re really hugely looking forward to it. 5.5%, oats, yet dry and easy drinking. Ultra pintable.

Dave might just take the batch home…

Cheers all.

Stay tuned for our last two collab announcements this week, they’re insane.