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? IT’S THAT TIME! Collab announce 7 of 8…

The first of a Northwest double header brewed over 2 days.

Pomona Island Brew Co!

?We’ve loved Pomona for years, and sold their beers in our outlets since 2019. It was a brewery we really wanted to work with, and another on the list of “they don’t do many collabs, they don’t need to…”

They did one with us though! ❤️

A Rye West Coast IPA.

The brewday was great fun, as was the evening. Our head brewer Alex had never been to Manchester before. He needs to go back as we barely managed to scratch the surface after a long week, but it was reet good.

It started with a dray run from our 8th and final collab announce to new beer bar Joule MCR, and that’s also where our evening started. In the middle there was a collab. From there we popped into the Northern Quarter and from then, things got blurry.

The brewday. You know how these work by now. We put some hops in a bowl, dug out some mash, and got a bit plastered. Pomona understand hospitality. Well, as much as can be offered stood in a carpark in an industrial estate.

? So many cans. So much tank beer. An awesome time with great people.

The beer. Our second westy, because best coast. With a bit of a twist on our first due to a healthy rye addition. We’re hoping for a genuinely red beer, but nice and bright still. Of course though, unfiltered and unfined.

Expect dry, spice, biscuit to light caramel, and pine. With a relatively low residual sugar but big pithy bitterness.

It’s a couple of weeks away from release so stand by for that!

ps. What happens if we ring the bell? ?