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?? COLLAB announce 8. The big one. Tartarus Beers.

?Hoppy Dave first found an insane 17% imperial stout called Abaddon when Tartarus were only a few months old with a handful of outlets. It was put into an incredibly dangerous lockdown beer box for a popular facebook group and damage was done. One couple lost their flatscreen TV. The Tartarus effect. ?

?Since then they’ve gone on to be almost certainly the most highly regarded commercial brewery with a strong beer focus in the country.

We knew two things when planning our collabs. One was, we had to brew a beer with Jordan and Jack. The second: Although EVERYTHING Tartarus produce is great, it had to be an imperial stout.⚫️⚪️

Our day in Leeds was potentially the most ridiculous, challenging, painful brewday any of the four of us have ever experienced. “A rice hull a day keeps the mouse stick away”. Nope, not going to explain that. Just trust us…

But the beer eventually made it to tank, and we eventually made it to the pub. Where, like usual, we talked about everything and anything until about 2 in the morning. That always just seems to happen when we meet up. ???

The very very hard work done, we know this beer will be worth it. We’ve been told it’s well on it’s way to ready and is tasting great. Well of course it is, it’s an impy from Tartarus.

?️Hoppy has hosted two birthdays for Tartarus, who turn three late August. This year, Indie will be heading up to theirs, to drink this beer, and some more of our launch line.

This is the 8th and final beer in our launch collab lineup. It won’t QUITE be as strong as Abaddon, but it’s punchy, very punchy, our biggest beer by far, and we’re incredibly excited to get it out to you all.