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Many people who have joined us at any of our local establishments or at beer events will know us by sight or in passing, but we think it’s important that our customers get to know us and where we’re coming from!

So, it’s time to get to know the Rabble…

Alex is our head brewer. And at a brewery, that’s a pretty important job…

Alex comes to The Rabble with over 10 years of commercial brewing experiences, including time at one of the absolute forefathers of UK craft beer brewing: Thornbridge. Alex’s dream to run his own brewery is now coming to life after a conversation in the Hoppy Garden that escalated plans to do a bit more homebrewing, via plans to do 100 litre batches in his garden shed – up to this. Going big. And at the end of the day, going home. Alex, alongside Ally, lives just 5 minutes away from his new place of work. Lucky for some!

Alex spends his spare time screaming into a microphone and smoking meat.

Indie Rabble will make sure to carefully vet all interactions with Alex, who is generally considered dangerous and not to be approached – unless you’re offering him a tasty lager, in which case you’ll be firm friends.

Ally – Co Founder and Operations Director!

With two decades of experience in getting the right product to the right place at the right time from the world of “big fizzy” – Ally will tell Alex what to do, and when to do it. A maestro with a spreadsheet, it’s her job to make sure we don’t bankrupt the company.

Certainly the most important job in the brewery.

Ally is also a lover of lager and rock music. And therefore probably the mediator between Dave and Alex’s penchant for doom metal and the reasonable desire of probably every one else who ever visits for us not to play doom metal.

Ally will have had a hand in every single keg, can and bottle leaving the brewery, so if you enjoy our beers once you get to try them – buy her a pint some time!

Naomi – Co Founder and Design Director

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be telling you a bit more about the Indie Rabble. About us. Post 2!

Naomi, as one of two co-founders of A Hoppy Place, is responsible for everything that makes Hoppy feel like Hoppy. From the colours on the wall, the bar, the furniture, and our branding. It’s a space designed to evoke conversation and community, main cornerstones of every good hospitality venue.

You will come to INDIE RABBLE and have a good time, in a vibrant space. And that will be down to Naomi.

Naomi will also be leading the branding for all of our cans and pump clips and will be the face and feeling of the brewery. She is also lead singer in the band AMP CATS and will be making very sure the rabble is a great space for live music, a place where you can drink good beer with good people and have a great time doing it.

Dave – Co Founder, Marketing and Technical Director

Dave does stuff. And things. For example, the website and our socials. And talk to beer shops about buying beer. Plus help Alex on packaging days.

Dave, as the other of the two co-founders of A Hoppy Place, has been buying and selling beer for 5 or so years now, and in that time – has formed some… “opinions”. As a beer sommelier as well as IBD qualified brewer, Dave is literally qualified to tell you what he thinks of beer, the beer industry, the people within in, and where we’re all going.

…Which if he has any say over it, is down the pub.

The issue is probably more getting him to shut up. Dave believes all topics are fair for hot debate and holds to the mantra “Strong opinions, lightly held”. Got a view? Let’s discuss it. Just so long as you can do so without things devolving into a slanging match, it’s all fair. Most strong among Dave’s current opinions is that Lactose should never be in any beer ever. Let’s fight about it.

So, that’s us! Four like-minded people with varying backgrounds, but enough in common to make us insane enough to open a brewery in 2023. Heh. We hope to see you down at the arch taproom soon! We’ll be sure to engage in talking some nonsense over a pint and a bag of scampi fries.

With love, The Rabble x