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Pints away from home!! 🥳🍻

Those further afield who want to join us for some tasty beers and stupid chat, we’ve got three Tap Takeover x Meet The Brewer events taking place in the next couple of weeks 😍

Thursday 30th November: come see us at @moldalehouse for the first pour outside of our own taproom of Darkside Of The Frozen Moon!

Friday 1st December: we’re at @thatbeerplacehq Chester for a mammoth TTO all evening, as well as the debut of a hefty new NEIPA… 👀

Thursday 7th December: we’re over in that there London at @thecarpentersarmse2 for the DEBUT of our very first cask ale and 4 other lines!

We love getting to share our beers with our industry friends, and propping up a bar and chatting with fellow beer folk ❤️ if you want to see us at your local craft beer business, give them (and us!) a shout!