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This week, to commemorate our first Halloween at the brewery (and the installation of our big screen, on which we are very much enjoying watching some black and white silent classics), we’re releasing not one but TWO new beers.

First off, we welcome Zebracorn to the family! We don’t know exactly how a Zebracorn came into existence, though it’s probably NSFW.

This beauty pours a thick hazy yellow with heaps of sweet stone fruit character, a touch of pineapple zing and bags of body.

Citra and Idaho 7 bring you a NEIPA that just begs to be drunk by the pint while fantasising of warmer days.

This is our first bigger hazy boy, and it’s exactly what we were aiming for! 

Following that, we introduce a little bit of chaos, a soupçon of havoc… Tiny Violence is our first in-house dark beer. It’s bold and rich, and it demands you drink it now. Roasted dark malts convey intense cocoa powder flavours and evoke memories of your favourite decadent chocolate truffle.

Just watch out for your toes peeking out from under the covers…