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It’s time for our very first joint event on the Windsor Beer Mile! Mark your calendars: 7th of October we party Prince Ludwig style! ???

Being next-door-neighbours and all avid fans of German lager tradition, it was a no-brainer for us to team up with Two Flints for a larger than life celebration of OKTOBERFEST! Buy your tickets right here!

One ticket for both breweries, one great day of excellent beer and food, and a fantastic party on what we hear is becoming the coolest street in Windsor. (So we’re told.)

Just £14 will get you entry to both breweries for your chosen session + a festbier in each bar! We’ll each announce more closer to the time on what our lagery lineup will be, but just know that we’ll be providing some of the best German imports and some delicious UK renditions of the festbier style (along with some of our own)!

Buy your tickets here!

Choose between 1-5pm for some good afternoon drinking, or 6:30-10:30pm to lager your way into the evening.