NEW BEER: Core Lager!

Brand new and pouring at the taproom from this weekend: it’s our newest beer!

Anyone who’s spoken to any of the Rabble for longer than about 30 seconds will be well aware of our shared love of a pint of delicious lager. Crisp, clean, refreshing, moreish, and truly suited to all days of the year.

This is our first brew of Frozen Moon, which is to be our core lager and therefore pretty much a permanent fixture at the taproom. A faithful and reliably delicious pint. We are insanely happy with how it’s turned out. In cans to take away by next week!

Do you want to drink a tasty lager with plenty of Munich, Cara and Rye malt to add a light spice, sweetness and biscuit to Noble Hallertau bitterness?

Good. Because you are here.