Our Biggest Collab Yet!

On the 19th of January, our Polly’s Brew Co collab launches nationwide, and will also be available in the taproom.

Brewed at the end of November on a day that never exceeded 0 degrees, it was also definitely the coldest collab we’ve done to date!

It scans then that the beer will be crisp. And so, Horizon Scan is a 5% west coast pale ale. Brewing the kind of beer we love the most, with the kind of people we most love working with.

Huge huge thanks to Lally and everyone for hosting us on the day, and to Arron for inviting us up. It’s a massive privilege to be amongst so many amazing breweries on this list.

We are releasing a beer amongst gods in beer: Polly’s of course. But also Left Handed Giant, Vault City Brewing, Track Brew Co, Uncharted Brewing and MakeMake Brew Co!

For us, huge. And, most of them are in Untappd’s top 50 in the UK. We’re currently just outside it. Which for a brand new brewery is absolutely amazng. Doing our best to join our illustrious mates and having a briliant time doing it.

Cheers all!