Crimsical Is Coming!

Are you feeling… Crimsical?

📣 New Beer Klaxon! 📣 National Launch Friday 1st March! 📣

4.5% Red Ale. In both Cask and Keg at the very best indy beer businesses nationwide from Friday.

Can you spot the difference? 👀

👇We love a red Ale. For A Hoppy Place’s third birthday Alex and Dave brewed a red, so it’s only fitting we go all in on our first red ale at Indie.

This isn’t just the same beer in two different containers. Each variant has been brewed ground up to showcase it’s format.

In Keg, expect a hazy red beer with a big Amarillo dry hop, really showcasing citrus, bitter flavours, with a little bit of sweetness to round out a very moreish keg. Best enjoyed cold.

In cask, we forego the dry hop, to produce a bright red clear beer, creamy, and best enjoyed through a sparkler at cellar temperature. Cask conditioned.

Only available at your local, and not in can. Not sure if they’ll have it on? Tag them! And let’s get Crimsical. With huge thanks to this amazing list of venues for agreeing to be a part of our launch!


Enjoy Crimsical in keg and cask. Can you spot the difference?

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