📢 HUGE NEWS. Indie Rabble has been invited to pour at BRISTOL CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL!

This is a huge honour for us, and we’re so thankful for the invite! But the next question is, WHAT ARE WE POURING? Well. Let us tell you! Including a cheeky little EXCLUSIVE FIRST POUR….

And, WE’RE CELEBRATING with a competition! …

To win one of five tickets to #BCBF on June 7th and 8th at Bristol Harbourside (worth £50 for UNLIMITED DRINKS at the session of your choice), all you need to do is:

 LIKE AND COMMENT our recent facebook or instagram post about this festival making sure you tag a friend you’d like to go with in the comments. That’s it. We’ll pick some winners at random next week! Please make sure you can actually attend! Aha.



Eurovision at the Rabble!

We’re just over a fortnight out from Queer Christmas… it’s Eurovision time! It’s one of our favourite times of year. From 8pm on Saturday May 11th we’ll be getting right into the swing of things!

We’ll be open all the way through the performances, the infuriating juries, and the nail-biting public vote – a whole night of camp and loud festivities await!

Plus some bingo for charity, because why not, eh? Cha cha cha cha cha cha cha.

SCAFFOLD PARTY at Indie Rabble!

Say HELLO Windsor Footbridge and GOODBYE poorly planned access constraints! The rear platform steps are back on the menu folks! 🚃

SAT 4th May ALL DAY with a LIVE DJ SET from Granny Takes A Trip from 4pm onwards.

Famously, our brewery has been covered in plastic sheets and scaffold since the beginning of January.

But finally – it’s coming down! You’ll be able to see the brewery again. Woo!

So join us, some 4 full months later for the great un-scaffening.

With (finally!) a full compliment of tables outside, and as usual 12 lines of fantastic local beer.

Let’s dance all the way from Windsor and Eton Central Station to the end of the weekend.


Two Big Hazy Beers Joining The Lineup…


First up, Spectrolium. Light splits and colour flourishes. Food for the mind and the spirit. Liberally dry hopped with Motueka, Citra and Amarillo. Zingy and Tropical. Always drink Spectrolium.

Secondly, it’s time to get down, get down. Get down with the boogie. I’m a-talkin’ ’bout the jungle boogie. Idaho 7 fronts Mosaic, Galaxy and Citra in this massively tropical double IPA. Whoa!

Get on down to the arch to be among the first to get down with the Jungle Boogie!

UK’s Best New Independent Craft Brewery

UK’s Best New Independent Craft Brewery


InIndie Rabble wins UK’s best new independent craft brewery 2024 at SIBA BeerX in Liverpool
Indie Rabble Co Ower Dave on the mob's recent visit to SIBA's independent beer awards at BeerX in Liverpool

So believe it or not from the public persona, patting myself on the back isn’t something that comes at all naturally to me. I tend to do well at something, dismiss it immediately, take little to no satisfaction from it, and immediately start worrying about the next thing I want to do.

It’s a trait in myself that I can’t stand, but much like winning an award, in a moment, my reaction to trying to work on this part of my personality is to lean into imposter syndrome. Believe almost immediately that it’s right that I dismiss the glory because I don’t really deserve it, and spend all of my time instead thinking about how best to leverage the thing, rather than stop – take stock of my surroundings, and remind myself. I did a thing. We did a thing!

Luckily for me, I’m not the only person that works for Indie Rabble. Because as we went up to Liverpool for BeerX, I had a squad of brilliant people around me, telling me, and eachother, how amazing the nomination was, how well we’d done to get here so soon. That for our 6 month old brewery to even be mentioned on stage in the same breath as the likes of Signature, Thornbridge, Northern Monk, Fyne Ales, Siren and the like was an astounding achievement.

But more than that. That I personally truly deserved to be here and in with this opportunity.

By Tuesday night, at The Grapes (where so many of my Liverpool stories seem to punctuate), I had a moment where I started to believe them…

Our pre Beer X crawl, now in its third year, has gotten fairly telegraphed…

After checking in, we go to Bundobust. We eat Bundo chaat. we drink chai porter and rice lager. We then walk on to the Roscoe Head for a pint of sparkled cask, and then onto The Grapes for something Neptune.

And this year, unfortunately for my Wednesday morning – a chance encounter with Iain Clarke….

Mistakes were made

Three things in life are inevitable. Death, Taxes, and that drinking VK Blue with Iain Clarke at midnight in a Karaoke bar is a really fucking stupid game. And as we all know. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

But I was in the mood to celebrate at that point, and here’s why.

Our evening on the beer was just so wholesome. The Indie Rabble Crowd are a good crowd. I was in (and later, on) the spirits. Why? Well – back at the Grapes, I did what I’ve now done two years running: Catch the eye of someone I knew was on the judging panel and then get massively over excited. Because and I quote “he gave me a look”. Reader, he did NOT give me a look. Nonetheless, this was the kind of over excitement only VK Blue can fix, apparently.

The sickeningly fresh devil on my shoulder, coming to survey his destruction

Luckily for me, I had no time to dwell as I sat down to judge some 40 beers as a lead judge for SIBA’s national beer awards, to be given out on the Thursday night. It’s a tough job but someone has to etc etc etc. I can’t finish the quote: Thinking back on that experience even a couple of weeks later is making me feel a bit squiffy. It must be said though, the beer was to a very high overall standard this year – and I was very exicted to get to judge the overall smallpack winner, an astounding Saison that I later found out to be from Burning Sky. Well, Of course it was…

Which led onto the awards themselves…

Left to right: Ally, Alex, Naomi and me! (Dave) with our winners certificate

That’s it then. Indie Rabble is the UK’s Best New Independent Craft Brewery. Woo!

It’s amazing really. In 7 months we’ve created an overall brand that as well as getting this huge win was also in the same category as Budvar and Aunt Bessies for ‘best collaboration’.

We rounded out Beer X the way I always like to: Having an Augustiner in a pub themed like an old wooden boat.

Pictured: A rabble. Charlotte (left) and Ally F (third from left) join the gang at The Ship and Mitre

It’s been a mad time. Thanks to everyone who’s bought one of our beers, appeared at the tap, sent a nice message or whatever else.

What will we do now we’re an award winning brewery? Keep on brewing tasty beer, and trying to sell it. And expand our reach we hope. We’ve had a big uptick of new customers post awards and it’s been massively appreciated.

We arranged a few more collabs, a few of them very silly.

And we’re planning our taproom events for the season.

So, see you soon for an (award winning!) beer?



In case you hadn’t caught on, we’re absolutely over the moon with last week’s win. So much so, in fact, that we’re keeping the party going next Sunday with a Bank Holiday Winner’s Party so that we can celebrate together!

We’ll be staying open later to make the most of the Bank Holiday properly, we’ll be blasting cracking music all day long to keep spirits high, and there will be beer. Lots of it.

we’ll also have two different DJ sets to help us party through the day, with a set from 3-5 by @grannytakesatripdjs and another 7-9 with @citizensofs0und.

It’s gunna be a funky, punky, rocking afternoon and evening with the UK’s best new brewery in what looks to be good weather to boot! Can’t wait to enjoy some celebratory pints with the lot of you!

Your messages of congratulations and support mean the world to us, and we cannot wait to enjoy a few pints with you at our taproom to say thank you for joining us on the journey. Long may it continue!

So we’ll see you at the bar!!

Here You Go John!

The Rabble’s first mild is making its debut at the taproom this weekend. Dark chocolate and roasty notes with a smooth velvety body (sparkled, of course), subtle toasty bitterness and dark red fruit for the perfect springtime pint. Here you go, John.

Please Leave A Message After The Tone…


The mob are currently out of the office with no access to email. Or, this Cascade and Tango west coast IPA.
For escalation, please contact Otherwise we shall reply upon our return.

Pouring fresh and delicious at the taproom this weekend! Open today from 5pm 🍻
Friday 4-10pm
Saturday 1-10pm
Sunday 1-6pm

Crimsical Is Coming!

Are you feeling… Crimsical?

📣 New Beer Klaxon! 📣 National Launch Friday 1st March! 📣

4.5% Red Ale. In both Cask and Keg at the very best indy beer businesses nationwide from Friday.

Can you spot the difference? 👀

👇We love a red Ale. For A Hoppy Place’s third birthday Alex and Dave brewed a red, so it’s only fitting we go all in on our first red ale at Indie.

This isn’t just the same beer in two different containers. Each variant has been brewed ground up to showcase it’s format.

In Keg, expect a hazy red beer with a big Amarillo dry hop, really showcasing citrus, bitter flavours, with a little bit of sweetness to round out a very moreish keg. Best enjoyed cold.

In cask, we forego the dry hop, to produce a bright red clear beer, creamy, and best enjoyed through a sparkler at cellar temperature. Cask conditioned.

Only available at your local, and not in can. Not sure if they’ll have it on? Tag them! And let’s get Crimsical. With huge thanks to this amazing list of venues for agreeing to be a part of our launch!


Enjoy Crimsical in keg and cask. Can you spot the difference?

Blackboard with a the map of the British Isles drawn in the middle.

We’re SIBA Business Awards Finalists!

Wow 😲. We’ve been nominated as finalists for TWO Society of Independent Brewers Association National Business Awards. ⭐️⭐️

UK’s Best New Brewery *and* UK’s Best Brewery Collaboration


To have what we’ve done in just 5 months recognised by the largest UK trade association for the sector is just bonkers.

Wish us luck in Liverpool on March 13th when we’ll find out if we’ve won! You’ll find us there with very little remaining finger nails.

But just a nomination is a huge huge accolade. It’s a very competitive set of awards and we’re over the moon to be in the conversation for ‘UK’s best’.

Cheers!!! 🍻🍻🍻