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Maximum Excitement. Maximum Terror

After nearly 13 months of legal work with our landlord, we have very exciting news to share today. WE HAVE THE KEYS TO AN ARCH.

When Alex, Ally, Naomi and Dave first discussed the idea of Alex in fact NOT brewing tiny batches of beer in his garden shed for practically personal consumption, we didn’t expect things to escalate into a 20 hectolitre brewery in the middle of Windsor.

But here we are, and this is what we are doing.

This is our arch.

Well, we’d best get on with the build.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be letting you know a little bit more about the four founders of The Rabble, as well as the 8 amazing collab beers we have lined up to bridge the gap between opening our doors and getting our brewkit fully operational.

INDIE RABBLE‘s first two trade outlets will be A HOPPY PLACE Windsor and Maidenhead, and Dave, Co owner of both the brewery and A HOPPY PLACE has this to say on the brewery’s upcoming collab beers:

I’m incredibly excited to have managed to pull off the collabs we’ve arranged. Hoppy’s reputation has enabled me to speak to breweries I never dreamed I’d ever get to brew with. Letalone as a new brewco without our first commercial brew under our belt yet. You’ll see when the list lands why we’re quite as excited as we are. All of our first 8 beers are going to be absolutely spectacular.

For now, you’ll have to continue to watch this space. Get signed up to our mailing list and follow our socials, we’re @indierabble on everything, and we’ll see you for a beer down at the Arch some time soon.